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How do you know so much about these keys and remotes?

Amazing Lock and Key has been in the locksmith business in Charlotte, NC since 1985. has been selling online since March 2001 and has tens of thousands of satisfied customers. When you have been doing this for as long as we have you either get good at it or you stop doing it!

Are your keys OEM, Dealer or Aftermarket?

Most (but not all) of our keys are made by the same manufacturer that originally made the keys for your vehicle. Folks have commented that our keys are "pretty keys". That is true. We try to source attractive keys that we would use ourself. We do have a great selection of original OEM keys. If you desire an original key, please look for our listings that have the oem logo keys. Also keep in mind many of these NOS keys are no longer in production and when we sell out of a dealer logo key, there will not be any further OEM stock available.


I'm looking for a key or a remote that is not on your website--do you have it?

We probably do. If we have the auto model and category listed, then we most likely have your key and remote. We do not have everything up on our website because we do not put items up that we only have a few of, but chances are we have your key or remote in stock or available via special order.

We can also track down a key that will work for your vehicle. We've tracked down some pretty unusual keys. Last year we tracked down an original keyblank for a 1941 Aircraft! We actually found an original OEM keyblank!

Please feel free to e-mail us at Keep in mind that the manufacturers have now discontinued production of all remotes manufactured prior to 2001 and TRW (the inventor of the keyless remote) has shut down their entire remote manufacturing line. However we still have a limited supply of these older remotes.


Are your remotes new or used?

The OEM remote manufacturers stopped supplying new remotes to the aftermarket suppliers (like in 2005. This was because the auto manufacturers put pressure on the remote manufacturers to only keep the remote supply within the auto manufacturers dealer supply chain at a higher price.

Consequently OEM remotes we sell (or anyone else sells today) are refurbished to work like new. Some even look new. We automatically send the best available remotes that we have. We do not sell junk remotes, broken remotes or just plain worn out remotes. Most of the time when we send you a remote, you will not even be able to tell that it has much use at all. That is because we take the time to properly refurbish the remotes that we sell. If I would not use the remote on my car then I will not try to sell it to you. We sell grade A remotes only. When the domestic integrated remotes (key and remote made as one unit) were introduced we were able to obtain these units as new again. However they tend to be more expensive since the auto manufacturers are still controlling the pricing on these units.


What is your shipping policy?

If the item is listed on our website then it means that the item is in stock in our distribution facility. We generally ship your order by the next business day and use USPS and UPS for delivery. We offer standard FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $75. We can upgrade you to Express Mail or Fedex (our choice) for an additional charge. Please call 954-905-7903 to arrange for Express Mail or Fedex shipping. We will send a separate invoice for the Express Mail or Fedex shipping. Standard shipping is free for all orders over $75.00 in the US using the method of our choice.

What is your shipping schedule?

Our shipping schedule is tied to the times and days that the United States Postal Service accepts shipments from us. It is always subject to change as the post office changes their acceptance policies. Currently our shipments are packed on third shift. We gather all of orders together each day and they are packed all night long. Our employees report to work at 11:00 PM EST and pack until they are finished. We usually finish around 5 AM, but do go until we get finished. If you get your order in prior to the time that we get finished packing, then we will ship it that day. The shipments are then ready for delivery to the Post Office and then they are on their way to you. We ship Monday-Friday. We do not ship on weekends or on Postal Holidays. We also do not ship the weekday prior to a Postal Holiday because it has been our experience that lost shipments are more likely on packages shipped that day.


Where do you ship from?

We ship from our distribution centers located in South Carolina, Florida and Texas.


How can I get the status of an order that I have placed?

Most orders are shipped via the United States Postal Service. When you order from, you will receive a shipping notification on the day your order is shipped. That notification will be sent to the e-mail address that you used to place the order. Within that notification, there is a USPS delivery confirmation number. You can go to and enter the confirmation number to obtain your status. Keep in mind that the post office often does not update the confirmation number until the item is delivered. Please allow 3-10 days for delivery although some items can take longer, but most arrive within 2-3 days.


Can I have my order shipped overnight?

Yes and no! We use Express Mail from the post office for our "overnight" service. Express mail delivers the next day to most major cities in the US. Some smaller towns and rural areas are 2 day delivery with Express Mail. If you do not know the delivery schedule for Express Mail in your area, you can check with your local post office for the delivery dates and times.


If I place an order on Saturday--when will you ship it out?

Usually on Monday if it's not a postal holiday.


What time is your cut off for Express Mail?

For items in stock that do not require any custom work the cut off time is 11:00 AM EST for most Express Mail orders. If you order after 11:00 AM, the Express Mail order is usually shipped the next day.


Can I pick up an item from your location?

Since we are an internet based business, we are not licensed for retail sales at our distribution locations and we do not have the staff available to help you at these locations, so we are not able to allow in person pick-ups or ordering. Those folks that do find their way to our distribution centers are politely told that we can not accept orders at these locations and they will need to go to a computer or smart phone and order on the internet or by calling our phone order center at 1-800-568-5397.

Do you guarantee the keys and remotes are correct for my vehicle?

Yes we do! We have been doing this a long time and pretty much know what works and what does not. If you have any questions, please call 954-905-7903 and we will help you with your order.

Will your remotes work if my vehicle did not come from the factory with remote keyless entry?

No they will not! Since most of our remotes are OEM original remotes, they will only work with factory installed remote keyless entry systems. They will not work with dealer installed remote keyless entry systems and they will not work with aftermarket remote keyless entry systems. Please do not order our remotes if you do not have a factory installed remote keyless entry system.

I see another key that looks like my key and I want to order it for my vehicle. Will it work?


Probably not! Even though keys and remotes look the same from year to year or car line to car line they often have different electronics or computer chips in them. Please do not substitute keys and remotes even if they look the same. Please only order the keys we have listed for your year, make and model. If you have any questions, please call us at 954-905-7903. We can only guarantee remotes and keys ordered for the proper year, make and model.

How come some keys can be self programmed and others can not be self programmed?

The decision on self programming is made at the automobile manufacturer. We have nothing to do with that decision! Different manufacturers have different policies and reasons for what they do.


Some of your listings say that I will need to take the key or the remote to the dealer for programming--is there anywhere else that can program these keys and remotes?

All dealers must be able to program the keys and remotes and since dealers tend to be easier to locate, that is generally where we like to send you. There are limited number of Locksmiths that can also program these keys and remotes. They tend to be harder to locate. We can help locate these locksmiths for you after you have made a purchase. However we do not guarantee that we will be able to locate a locksmith for you. Dealers and locksmiths both charge for their services.

Can I e-mail you?

Yes you can e-mail us, but if it is going to take more than 2 e-mails back and forth, we ask that you call us so we can immediately handle your questions and concerns on an expedited basis. The folks handling our e-mail system are set up for ordering issues and questions and do not have the expertise for technical issues and the responses tend to be much slower. Our e-mail address is:

Why don't you have a toll free number?

Our phone order center does have a toll free number! The number is 1-800-568-5397. Keep in mind this is our phone order center and they can help you with phone orders. Our phone center operators do not have access to any internet orders you have placed nor are they able to provide technical support.

How can I tell if my car has a factory installed remote keyless entry system?

You can call your local dealer parts department and give them your vin number and they may tell you. (Some dealers are no longer doing this because manufacturers have purged out some of this information). We do offer this service at a charge of $19.99 which is fully credited to your order if you decide to order the keys and/or remotes when we furnish you the results. We will need your VIN number as well as the year, make and model of your vehicle to determine if you have factory installed keyless remote. Please give us a call at 954-905-7903

What is your warranty?

All of our items are quality tested prior to shipment and you should not have a problem as long as you have ordered the correct items for your vehicle. In the unlikely event that you do have a problem, we offer a 90 day warranty on our remotes as long as our warranty sticker has not been tampered with. If you have a warranty issue, you should contact us at: for instructions on how to send the item into our service center for service, replacement or exchange.

Can I return an item for a refund?

Unfortunately we do not provide refunds under any circumstances on these items. This is the same policy that the new car dealers have on these same items. If you ask us for a refund we will either ignore you or tell you no. Sorry to be so blunt, but there are a few folks out there that have caused the new car dealers, as well as our company, to have to take a hard position on this issue.

What if I order the wrong item?

If you order the wrong item, we usually will allow an exchange for the correct item if you pay the difference in price plus a $35 administrative fee.

Why do you charge a $35 administrative fee? Shouldn't you just cover this as good customer service policy?

We do not feel that all customers that do order the correct product should have to pay for those that do not. We do not feel that is it fair to raise the prices for everyone just to cover this expense. So we only charge the administrative fee to those customers that need this service. This means that we do not have to raise the prices for everyone.

What if I mis-cut the key you sent?

Please make sure to cut your keys carefully. If you order more than one key then please cut the keys one at a time and check them before you cut the next one. That is the same procedure our locksmiths use.

We can not offer any exchanges or refunds on any cut keys. A mis-cut key is no use to you and is no use to us. The manufacturers will not accept returns on cut keys.

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