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Ignition Switch Lock Cylinders

OEM Ignition Switch Lock Cylinders Saves Consumers Over $100 On Ignition Switch Lock Cylinder Replacements has a complete line of Ignition Switch Lock Cylinders. Before you purchase a replacement ignition switch lock cylinder from anyplace else, we believe you should be aware of some very important considerations. If your vehicle is less than 14 years old, most switches you purchase from other sources will not work in your vehicle without additional work and expense. If your vehicle has a computer chip key, then you will most likely pay $100-$200 more if you do not purchase your ignition switch from

In the "good old days", when your ignition switch went bad, you went down to the auto parts store, handed them a $20 bill and took home a new switch with two new keys. Since cars back then didn't have computer chip keys and the door key was a separate key, it was a pretty simple process to put the new switch in and put the new keys on your key ring. These days, if you have computer chip keys and you buy a new ignition switch lock cylinder, with keys included, and install that pre-packaged switch, you will find out that the new switch will not start your vehicle.

The reason for this is the computer system in your vehicle knows that the new keys are not the correct keys and it will not allow your car to start. To make matters worse, those keys included with the switch can never even be programmed to start your vehicle because they don't have the computer chips inside them. So you will now have to purchase additional computer chip keys and have them cut and programmed to your vehicle. This will set you back another $100-$200 or so. And when you get done with the process, your new keys won't even fit your door. You vehicle is no longer original. You have to throw away the set of keys that came with the new lock since they aren't good for anything now. So now you have to carry your old keys and the new keys. I can't tell you how many times you will put the door key in the ignition switch or the ignition key in the door. This happens a lot when you are in a hurry. It's a royal pain that you will not have to put up with if you buy the ignition switch from us.

What we do at is try to save you that extra $200. If you furnish your KEY CODE to us when you order the ignition switch, we will match up the lock to your old keys at no additional charge. With this procedure, your existing computer keys will work with the new ignition switch as soon as the switch is installed in your vehicle. Your door key will be the same as it is now. You won't have to put any extra keys on your key ring. And best of all you won't have to pay $100-$200 for a new set of programmed keys. It's amazing! What's even more amazing is that our switch prices are among the lowest in the industry. If you furnish your key code, in the notes section when you order, your switch will come pre-assembled and matched up to your old key. It is ready for your locksmith or your mechanic to install. Mechanics love us and customers love us. We've got want you need at recommends that everyone write their key codes on the inside cover of their vehicle owner's manual. This will save you so much money if you ever have to have a key made or an ignition switch replaced. Even if you never buy anything from, please obtain your key code and record it in your owner's manual. When your vehicle was originally sold new, the dealer furnished the key code to the original buyer. It could have been on the sales paperwork or in the glove box or on a card or metal tag that the car salesman furnished. If you do not have your key code, you can obtain your key code from the dealer with proper proof of ownership. Ford keeps the codes on file for 10 model years. GM and Chrysler keep the codes longer. But don't wait because the manufacturers do purge these codes and once they are purged you will not be able to obtain your vehicle key codes.

If you do not have your key code, can often (but not always) decode your existing key (at an additional charge) from a sharp picture of your key that shows the key cuts. If your key is sharp and not worn down, we have the best shot at a successful decode. sells only first quality ignition switch locks manufactured by the same OEM manufacturers that made the switch for your Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick, GMC, Hummer, Saturn Toyota or Oldsmobile. Yes we do have keys and switches for vehicles that are no longer manufactured. You can't drive into the Saturn, Pontiac, Plymouth or Oldsmobile dealer any longer. But you will find that has a complete line of keys, ignition switches and keyless remotes for these vehicles as well as the vehicles that are still in production.

We do appreciate your business and thank you for taking the time to read this lock cylinder page.

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