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Shipping & Returns

Returns Policy

Can I return an item for a refund?


Unfortunately we do not provide refunds under any circumstances on these items. This is the same policy that the new car dealers have on these same items.

If you ask us for a refund we will politely you that we do not offer refunds. Sorry to be so blunt, but there are a few folks out there that have caused the new car dealers, as well as our company, to have to take a hard no refund position on this issue.


What if I order the wrong item?


If you order the wrong item, we usually will allow an exchange for the correct item if you pay the difference in price plus a $35 administrative fee and the item is returned in new, sealed and resellable condition. 


Why do you charge a $35 administrative fee? Shouldn't you just cover this as good customer service policy?


We do not feel that all customers that do order the correct product should have to pay for those that do not. We do not feel that is it fair to raise the prices for everyone just to cover this expense. So we only charge the administrative fee to those customers that need this service. This means that we do not have to raise the prices for everyone.




What is your shipping policy?


If the item is listed on our website then it means that the item is in stock in our distribution facility. We generally ship your order by the next business day and use USPS and UPS for delivery. If there will be a shipping delay, you will receive and e-mail from us.  Most shipping delays are caused by not furnishing compete information.  We offer standard FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $75. We can upgrade you to Express Mail or Fedex (our choice) for an additional charge. Please call 954-905-7903 to arrange for Express Mail or Fedex shipping. We will send a separate invoice for the Express Mail or Fedex shipping. Standard shipping is free for all orders over $75.00 in the US using the method of our choice.


What is your shipping schedule?

Our shipping schedule is tied to the times and days that the United States Postal Service accepts shipments from us. It is always subject to change as the post office changes their acceptance policies. Currently our shipments are packed on third shift. We gather all of orders together each day and they are packed all night long. Our employees report to work at 11:00 PM EST and pack until they are finished. We usually finish around 5 AM, but do go until we get finished. If you get your order in prior to the time that we get finished packing, then we will ship it that day. The shipments are then ready for delivery to the Post Office and then they are on their way to you. We ship Monday-Friday. We do not ship on weekends or on Postal Holidays. We also do not ship the weekday prior to a Postal Holiday because it has been our experience that lost shipments are more likely on packages shipped that day.



Where do you ship from?

We ship from our distribution centers located in South Carolina, Florida and Texas.



How can I get the status of an order that I have placed?

Most orders are shipped via the United States Postal Service. When you order from, you will receive a shipping notification on the day your order is shipped. That notification will be sent to the e-mail address that you used to place the order. Within that notification, there is a USPS delivery confirmation number. You can go to and enter the confirmation number to obtain your status. Keep in mind that the post office often does not update the confirmation number until the item is delivered. Please allow 3-10 days for delivery although some items can take longer, but most arrive within 2-3 days.



Can I have my order shipped overnight?

Yes and no! We use Express Mail from the post office for our "overnight" service. Express mail delivers the next day to most major cities in the US. Some smaller towns and rural areas are 2 day delivery with Express Mail. If you do not know the delivery schedule for Express Mail in your area, you can check with your local post office for the delivery dates and times.



If I place an order on Saturday--when will you ship it out?

Usually on Monday if it's not a postal holiday.



What time is your cut off for Express Mail?


For items in stock that do not require any custom work the cut off time is 12:00 Noon EST for most Express Mail orders. If you order after 12:00 Noon, the Express Mail order is usually shipped the next day.




Can I pick up an item from your location?

Since we are an internet based business, we are not licensed for retail sales at our distribution locations and we do not have the staff available to help you at these locations, so we are not able to allow in person pick-ups or ordering. Those folks that do find their way to our distribution centers are politely told that we can not accept orders at these locations and they will need to go to a computer or smart phone and order on the internet or by calling our phone order center at 1-800-568-5397.

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